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42 Totally Creative Prom Themes That Will Astound Your Fellow Students


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andersons prom theme


Put a spin on the classic underwater prom theme by decking out the gym in shipwreck decor complete with shimmering lights, mermaid gowns, chocolate coins for treasure, and pirate props for all of those selfies you'll be taking.

'50s Night

The Showest

throwback prom theme


New York, New York!

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city themed prom


What's more glamorous than a glittering, sweeping city skyline? Your NYC-themed prom is the perfect excuse to put on a black tie dress and decorate with all things Big Apple-related, from a red carpet photo booth to Manhattan street signs.

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Countryside Cabin

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Grab all the hay bales and wildflowers you can find for your country-themed prom. The whole room will look super rustic and cozy. Bonus points if you can actually have the event in a barn!

Enchanted Forest

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The key to this theme is green, green, and more green! Make your prom venue look like a gorgeous magical forest with moss-covered floors and vines hanging from the ceiling. It should look like a fairy could fly in at any moment.

Moulin Rouge

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Yes, Paris is a classic prom theme, but why not mix it up by making the theme Moulin Rouge? Make sure to get lots and lots of feathers, some windmills for photo ops, and drape the whole room in red. Your classmates will feel like they traveled back in time.

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Dance your way through the decades with this super cute prom theme. The decorations will be so colorful and there will be tons of photo opportunities throughout the night. Of course, a disco ball is a must for this theme.

Dripping in Luxury

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Make your classmates feel like royalty for a night with this luxurious gold and diamonds theme. Really go all out with the gold color scheme — and don't skimp on all of those jewels.

Fire and Ice

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This prom theme is the crashing of two worlds. Asks your guests to choose a side: fire or ice, and see what theme-inspired outfits they show up to party with. You'll probably want to get some appropriate decor too, like these icy blue flames.

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Gothic Castle

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Halloween may be months away, but that doesn't mean your prom night can't be spooky fabulous. Make your prom glamorous, yet totally creepy with a mystery castle theme. To bring the idea to life, you'll need gothic decor like candlebras, chandeliers, dusty books and some castle cutouts like this one.

Around the World

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Tell your guests to get their passports ready because they'll need a plane to get to this prom. The prom attendees will be able to travel the globe in just one night with this around-the-world theme. One cool idea is to have different stations where guests can pick up finger foods of different worldly cuisines. Don't forget to decorate with travel-related items like this free-standing globe to make the theme feel complete.


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Take your guests on an adventure by making your prom safari-themed. You'll need lots of greenery and a statement piece like this wild arch cutout to set this theme in motion. Your guests will be able to experience the thrill of majestic animals like lions and panthers without getting too close for comfort.

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Woodsy Garden Party

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anderson's garden party prom theme 2021


Prepare to live out your "Folklore" fantasies with this gorgeous and rustic garden set-up. It gives an elegant cabin vibe, especially with the details of the draped fabric and twinkling lights. Bonus points if your celebration is being held outdoors.

Disco Fever

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Party decoration with disco balls

Moncherie//Getty Images

Make your prom night one to remember by taking your guests back in time to the era of disco. Your guests will be dancing the night away under disco balls and on top of colorful floor panels. Make your theme really authentic by asking people to come dressed wearing 70's attire.

Out of This World

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anderson's out of this world prom theme


Prom should make you feel out of this world, hence this incredible theme. With these bright accents and colored lights, you can't go wrong. Take this theme to a whole other level by hanging planets and rings overhead — you can thank us later.

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On the topic of feeling out of this world, this space theme will make it seem like you're in a different galaxy. Hang up planets over the dance floor and make everyone feel like they are the center of the universe for the night. This gorgeous moon will really set the scene and will glow on the prom-goers throughout the night.

Cruise Ship

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Want your prom to feel like a nice night out at sea without the motion sickness? This theme will sail you across the ocean without having to leave the gym. Make sure to add a gorgeous backdrop so you can enjoy the "sunset" throughout the night!

Venice Night

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No need to go to Italy to have a romantic gondola ride. This theme makes it easy to have the best picture perfect moment as if you're really in Venice. Couples will be super excited to take a photo that looks like they're riding through the Venetian canals.

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Tropical Nights

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anderson's tropical nights prom theme 2021


If you want to feel like you're ~on an island~ then you should totally consider this theme. The vivid color palette and palm tree accents give the ultimate beachy vibes — who wouldn't want to feel like they're on vacation during prom?

Comic Book

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Even Peter Parker got to go to his prom when he was Spiderman. Have everyone be a hero for a night with this theme that will definitely set your school apart from the others. Use these comic book bubble signs to give people the chance to add a personalized touch to their photos.


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